Michelle Sylliboy

Interview with L’nu interdisciplinary artist Michelle Sylliboy

Mi’kmaq/L’nu artist and author Michelle Sylliboy was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and raised on her traditional L’nuk territory in We’koqmaq, Cape Breton. Her published collection of photographs and L’nuk hieroglyphic poetry, Kiskajeyi—I Am Ready, won the 2020 Indigenous Voices Award. Jessica Mensch interviewed her this summer at her home.

Andy Van Dinh

Interview with artist Andy Van Dinh

One is immediately taken by the ethereal and symbolically rich nature of his work. His approach to drawing is so unique that in person it is difficult to tell what medium he is working in.

Interview with Sculptor Rachelle Dang

“I had a very standard, Americanized education in Hawaii. I didn’t know how to recognize or understand the ways colonialism connected Hawaii to the rest of the world.”

Interview with Painter Delphine Hennelly

I first saw delphine hennelly’s work in person several month’s ago at her MFA thesis at Rutger’s University art gallery. Although figuration in painting has come back

Balloon(s) Talk:
Jim Fletcher Interviews Rafael Sanchez

“In a way we can’t help going back. And the past is an ever-present resource. But ultimately as much as you go back, you ask yourself what does that mean to me now? Then there is no irony or nostalgia. Its an engagement with the present that is interesting.”

An Interview with Painter Daniel Barkley

Daniel Barkley is a native Montrealer, born in 1962. He holds an MFA from Concordia University and his work has been shown throughout Canada and the United

Sabrina Ratte: The Idealized Vision in Reality

SABRINA RATTÉ (Canada, 1982) is a Montréal-based video artist. Using a unique combination of analog video synthesizers and mixers, and digital editing software, Ratté creates surreal

Breakfast With Zizek

  By Benjamin Cunningham for B O D Y Ljubljana is the greatest city you have never been to. It sits at the intersection of

Kate Benson: Interview

  B O D Y editor Ben Williams interviewed playwright and performer Kate Benson in New York on October 3, 2014. Her play A BEAUTIFUL

The Interview: Jack Underwood

  _______________________________________________________________________   All this October B O D Y will be publishing British and Irish poetry. We begin with an interview with poet Jack

Matt Shane’s Mental Landscapes

MATT SHANE‘s practice is split between painting, drawing and installation, while firmly embedded in the realm of landscape. His pictorial worlds assemble an array of

Tina Satter

Tina Satter: Interview

B O D Y editor Ben Williams interviewed playwright and director Tina Satter in New York on January 3, 2014. 

Designing The Body Electric: An Interview With Jeannine Han

Jeannine Han is a New York based designer and artist. Her work with collaborator Dan Riley uses immersive multimedia installations and performances to explore the relationship between pattern, tradition, performance, sound and technology.

Christina Masciotti

Say What You Need To – An Interview with Christina Masciotti by Meghan Falvey   Christina Masciotti’s work has been produced for the past ten

Friday Pick: Hans Magnus Enzensberger

  A History Of Clouds By Hans Magnus Enzensberger Translated by Ester Kinsky & Martin Chalmers Seagull Books, 2010 The following interview with German poet

Friday Pick: Tina Packer’s Women Of Will

You can look and see what a feminist Shakespeare was. I don’t mean he’s against men, I mean that he so illuminates what happens to women that you can see why it is that all the social structures need to change in order for women to truly be women.