The Prose Poem Issue

The Prose Poem Issue

Prose poems by Joshua Weiner, Petr Borkovec, Donna Stonecipher, Mark Terrill, Lacie Semenovich, Guarav Monga, M. Drew Williams, Tom Pickard, Jarvis Boggs, Claire Scott, Matt W. Miller, Sarah Anderson, Justin Lacour, Chris Green, Leonard Kress, J. A. Bernstein, Michelle Penn. Reviews of Tom Pickard’s Fiends Fell by Joshua Weiner and Donna Stonecipher’s Prose Poetry and the City by Kate Singer.

Michelle Penn

D You tell yourself you’re immune, always, but then D appears, if not exactly out of the shadows then like a river of milk flooding

J. A. Bernstein

WATERCRESS   I. The clean and narrow white tents of the Farmer’s Market along Arizona burden the senses: the flow of bright colors rushing underneath;

Leonard Kress

EXCISION   In my headlights I see a giant rat scud across the road. Under the unflinching illumination of my high beams, it looms, black

Chris Green

ONCE UPON A BREAKFAST   after Sidney Goldfarb’s “Moving Breakfast”   I get out of bed early like a god. I give my daughter something

Justin Lacour

THE POSSUM   You are hard-boiled, possum. Not fooled by the Spanish prisoner, nor prone to self-parody, as at an office party. You are hair

Sarah Anderson

  TWILIGHT WATER   Land stretches, lush and flooding, and a man rows a boat across a field into the night. I hear you telling

Matt W. Miller

SAID THE RIVER WHEN I BEGGED FOR HIS SONG   Kid, I may look so slicked back, coffee black, so coolest cat under a root

Claire Scott

IN PRAISE OF A WORLD THAT IS NOT RANDOM   I must have. Stolen cash from my boss. Torn the legs off a cat. Sworn

Jarvis Boggs

Of course, we miss somebody. We always wish somebody was here. But when somebody is not here, we have a little freedom to do as we please.

Tom Pickard

FIENDS FELL An Excerpt April 1st An Atlantic rage gathered a mass last night and unleashed a snarling sea-saga over the icy roof. nowt took

M. Drew Williams

  THE LOGICIAN   The community attends a late-night lecture given by a renowned logician. At centerstage, he dips his hands into a basin of

Gaurav Monga

CLOTHES An Excerpt In this case, it was not the clothes that were made to fit her body but rather her body had to be

Lacie Semenovich

THE WATER’S FLOW   –for Maj   The second toilet in the office bathroom flushes again and again and again like it’s trying to swallow

Mark Terrill

THE TURNAROUND   I’m walking down the pedestrian-congested Bahrenfelder Strasse in Hamburg just passing the Fabrik where I’ve seen John Cale, Lee “Scratch” Perry, the

Donna Stonecipher

THE RUINS OF NOSTALGIA 26   Even if unconsciously, the city’s inhabitants had been glad of the holes. Empty slots between buildings, empty lots on

Petr Borkovec

  BRIEF BIO FOR THE BEREAVED   Petr Borkovec is now a somewhat neglected author, and it is unquestionably true that only a small handful

Joshua Weiner

HUMAN BEING   Along the perimeter of a busy compound, on a sidewalk in front of a high black iron fence, two women are standing