The Central European Short Story Issue

Central European Short Story Issue

Short stories by Ádám Bodor, Anna Bolavá, Zoran Ferić, Richard Pupala, Dušan Mitana, and Pavla Horáková. A review of Uršula Kovalyk’s The Night Circus by Michael Stein and a review of the story collection And My Head Exploded by Kirsten Lodge.

Pavla Horáková

  UNTO THE THIRD GENERATION   Under the grey sky, a grey village. Everything is grey: dirty snow in an empty yard, the walls of

Dušan Mitana

Signs   (an excerpt)   On August 29th, 1646, 120 years after the Battle of Mohács, peasant Juraj Mitana was born, and on the same

The Night Circus | Review

  The Night Circus and Other Stories Short stories by Uršula Kovalyk Translated by Julia and Peter Sherwood Parthian Books     When I first

Richard Pupala

  A LION IN THE FOREST   A forest of beech trees in late April is as neat and tidy as a newly unwrapped present. Fresh tufts

Zoran Ferić

LEGEND   1. During a group therapy session for the emotionally disturbed he said that every spring, when the swallows return from the south, he

And My Head Exploded | Review

  And My Head Exploded Selected and translated by Geoffrey Chew Jantar Publishing 2018, 200 pp     And My Head Exploded: Tales of Desire,

Anna Bolavá

  SETTING FREE   I’m sitting in a gutted armchair in the middle of our dimly lit front hall, biding time. When I’m still, I

Ádám Bodor

  REBI   I am still half-asleep in the early hours when I hear sirens approaching the farm and it occurs to me that it’s