Back Issues

The Spring Issue | 2023

Welcome to our Spring 2023 issue. We’re delighted to bring you incredible new poems and short fiction from all across Europe and North America, both English and translated works, plus some brilliant essays and interviews. Featuring new writing from voices both new and familiar, our Spring Issue treats spring for what it is: a time for hope, new growth, and sudden awakenings.

Latvian Lit Week

Poetry by Inga Pizāne, Semyon Khanin, Anna Belkovska. Fiction by Jānis Joņevs. Translated by Jayde Will, Kaija Straumanis, Kevin M. F. Platt, Anton Tenser, Sasha Spektor, and Daniil Cherkassky.

The Summer Issue | 2022

Poetry by Petr Hruška, Gerry Stewart, Jeffrey McDaniel, Jeff Friedman, Karel Šebek, Joshua Weiner, Charlie Clark, Clint Margrave, R.A. Allen, VJ René, Beaver West, J. Alan Nelson, Patrick Redmond, Susan Barry-Schulz, Justin Lacour, and Siobhan Ward. Fiction by Marijana Čanak, Lukáš Cabala, and Bianca Bellová. An essay by Siegfried Mortkowitz. An interview with Mi’kmaw/L’nu artist Michelle Sylliboy. Picks by Stephan Delbos, Joshua Mensch, Chris Crawford, and Jan Zikmund.

The Winter Issue | 2022

Poetry by Nelly Sachs, Josef Kučera, Mark Scroggins, and Tim Postovit. Fiction by Marek Šindelka, Elena Alexieva, Duncan Robertson, and Daša Drndić. Interviews with Alan Bilton, Tatiana Tîbuleac, and Joshua Weiner. An essay by Marina Porras. Reviews of Flight and Metamorphosis by Nelly Sachs, translated by Joshua Weiner; Dream of a Journey: Selected Poems by Kateřina Rudčenková, translated by Alexandra Büchler; and My Seven Lives by Agneša Kalinová, translated by Julia Sherwood and Peter Sherwood. Reviews of other new translations in our Books in Brief.

The Fall Issue | 2021

Poetry by A. N. DeJesús, Radka Thea Otípková, Sara Moore Wagner, Patricia Zylius, Pavla Melková, Angela Topping, Jessica Q. Stark, Karel Šebek, Eric Nelson, and M. Nasorri Pavone. Fiction by Sarah Rose Haughn, Genta Nishku, Lucy Tunstall, Petra Hůlová, Paweł Sołtys, Vratislav Kadlec, and Zach Murphy. An interview with Atomic Culture. Reviews of Eileen Cleary’s 2 a.m. with Keats and other books.

The Spring Issue | 2021

Poems by Francesca Bell, Max Sessner, Christian Formoso, Michael Collier, Brooke Schifano, Jeff Friedman, Douglas Piccinnini, Kelly Grace Thomas, Justin Lacour, Derek Ellis and Milan Děžinský. Fiction by Andrey Filimonov, Natalie Warther, Robin Vigfusson, Mitja Čander, and Nina Kossman. Interviews with Andrey Filimonov and Eleanor King. An essay by Andrew Moorhouse.

The Winter Issue | 2021

Poetry by Matthew Olzmann, Leanne Drapeau, Andrea Jurjević, Vítězslav Nezval, Sheila Dong, Stephen Scott Whitaker, Richard Jackson, Ondřej Buddeus, and Jeff Fallis. Fiction by E.J. Schwartz, Pavol Rankov, and Julia Kissina. Essays by Chris Crawford, Michael Stein, Burt Kimmelman, and Rob A. Mackenzie. Reviews by Ailbhe Darcy, Michael Stein, and Stephan Delbos. An interview with artist Khari Johnson-Ricks by Jessica Mensch.

Central European Short Story Issue

Short stories by Ádám Bodor, Anna Bolavá, Zoran Ferić, Richard Pupala, Dušan Mitana, and Pavla Horáková. A review of Uršula Kovalyk’s The Night Circus by Michael Stein and a review of the story collection And My Head Exploded by Kirsten Lodge.

The Prose Poem Issue

Prose poems by Joshua Weiner, Petr Borkovec, Donna Stonecipher, Mark Terrill, Lacie Semenovich, Guarav Monga, M. Drew Williams, Tom Pickard, Jarvis Boggs, Claire Scott, Matt W. Miller, Sarah Anderson, Justin Lacour, Chris Green, Leonard Kress, J. A. Bernstein, Michelle Penn. Reviews of Tom Pickard’s Fiends Fell by Joshua Weiner and Donna Stonecipher’s Prose Poetry and the City by Kate Singer.