Michael Stein is a writer and journalist in the Czech Republic and runs a blog on Central European writing called literalab. He is a regular contributor to journals such as Absinthe: New European Writing, The Cerise Press and Berlin’s Readux, and Asymptote, and has short stories in publications such as Drunken Boat, McSweeney’s, The Medulla Review and Cafe Irreal among other magazines. He curated B O D Y‘s long-running Saturday European Fiction series and currently serves as our translation editor, curating special issues focused on writing from various parts of the world.


Essays, Picks & Interviews in B O D Y

Latvian Lit Week

Poetry by Inga Pizāne, Semyon Khanin, Anna Belkovska. Fiction by Jānis Joņevs. Translated by Jayde Will, Kaija Straumanis, Kevin M. F. Platt, Anton Tenser, Sasha Spektor, and Daniil Cherkassky.

Favorites from the Last 10 Years, Selected by Michael Stein

If there is a common denominator among the translated fiction published in B O D Y, it is work that maintains a precarious yet exhilarating balance between wild flights of imagination, unbridled humor and grappling with an often harsh reality. Read my favorites here.


Books in Brief | Friday Pick

Herewith a fresh selection of our favorite recent poetry, fiction, and biography in translation from Ukrainian, Hungarian, Czech, and Italian.