B O D Y Best of the Net Nominations


B O D Y is proud to present our nominees for the 2017 Best of the Net Anthology.



Michael Collier for Meadow
Katrina Naomi for The Reveal
Katrina Naomi for The Only Truly Memorable New Year
Jonáš Hájek for To My First Love, translated by Deborah Garfinkle
Deborah Allbritain for My Past Life as a Man
D.E. St. John for Beloved


Uzi Weil for Israel 2014, translated by Tom C. Atkins
Dušan Mitana for On a Tram, translated by Magdalena Mullek


Joshua Weiner for Berlin Alexanderplatz, April 2016
David Rivard for Political Knott: On Bill Knott’s “VOI (POEM) CES”

Congratulations and Good Luck to our 2017 Nominees!