Favorites from the Last 10 Years, Selected by Stephan Delbos

Publishing writing you love is the greatest pleasure of editing a literary journal. It’s hard to believe B O D Y has been around for 10 years and I’m astounded by the quality and variety of writing in our archives. Herewith some of my favorites.

Tim Postovit

I was the last place on the planet / where astronauts slept / my last customers were the planet’s / last people

Radka Thea Otípková

The bus stopped, I think, and people poured out, / baffled by their heavy hearts, / and not one of them, not one / thought of the kite.

Anthony Madrid

WE WOULD renounce the self completely, if only we knew it would take. / We are willing enough to be nothing. We don’t want to be a residue.

Annie Brechin

Go out, pretend that there are men / who would obtain you and not then // abstain, refraining from the skin / that’s split with rust