W. Scott Howard

Author photograph by Gwendolyn Howard




                  —of trusts, a raining of stars
                  truant iris ruins. Elemental

art of rust traits and rants, dust starts again
tar ruts, urn twists.

                  Violet lips, green fist-
                  burst jackets of slim-gold exuberance.

On the page
                  or in the garden, what else

                  would we have wanting
                              desire’s other face?

                              Into the dark, seasons pocket our days
                  returning with colors unfamiliar

finding estrangement anew.
                  Songs, some first

                  or last, call me back to you
                              here in this

                              handful of earth, water and sun.
                                              Of gifts,

                                              a naming of parts innumerable
                              changes becoming—

                                              wind flame river wish.


W. SCOTT HOWARD lives in Englewood, CO, where he gardens and writes. Scott’s poems may be found in Diagram, E.Ratio, Talisman, Visible Binary, and word for / word (among other journals). His collections of poetry include the e-book, ROPES (with images by Ginger Knowlton) from Delete Press, 2014; and SPINNAKERS (The Lune, 2016). He teaches poetics and poetry in the Department of English & Literary Arts at the University of Denver.


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