Hungarian Fiction Week

Ádám Bodor

  REBI   I am still half-asleep in the early hours when I hear sirens approaching the farm and it occurs to me that it’s

Eva Peterfy-Novak

  MOSCOW II.   Read part one of Moscow here   I’m sitting on the toilet staring at the pink bathroom. The reason it’s pink

Daniel Levente Pal

  THE 8TH DISTRICT OF GOD   (excerpts)   The location is the outer 8th district of Budapest, which is called Józsefváros (Josephtown). This is

Eva Peterfy-Novak

  MOSCOW I.   Read part two of Moscow here   “Do you know anything about her?” I ask the friend of my little sister

Vilmos Csanyi

  THE SCENT OF PERFECTION   In which the Book is introduced to the reader, some sacred texts are discussed, and there begins the story

Sandor Jaszberenyi

  BANANA SPLIT   With the leftover beer I washed down two pills. I took Xanax to help me sleep. The first few weeks it

Zsolt Láng

  TWO CHOICES        Translated by Erika Mihálycsa   She was walking two steps ahead, knowing he wouldn’t dare to lag behind now. A car

Sandor Jaszberenyi: THE MAJESTIC CLOUDS

  THE MAJESTIC CLOUDS   Around noon the black clouds appear seemingly from nowhere. Majestic clouds, thick and dark. They hang in the center of

Miklos Szentkuthy

  PRAE   (an excerpt)   ————————————————————————— Ulva and a young fellow together in the wood (as Leatrice’s solitude changed into Veronica’s story, Veronica’s solitude

Gabor Schein

  AN EXTREME CASE   For half-a-year I shared a dorm room with Hendrik. The dormitory stood in the middle of a dreary, windswept housing