Stella Brice


(after Isabella Rossellini’s Green Porn)

I am a bird.  I have a cloaca.  Piss/shit/eggs rush out
the one hole.  Cock goes in that hole too.  His thrustle
bursts in me.  Then I deposit 3 eggs.  I disgorge stuff
into their croaks.  Then I shove them in the air.  2 fly.
1 falls down.  TheyneedbegoneIdon’tknowwhere.  Then
sun rays shine into my timing eye at a certain golden angle.
Hole softens.  Cock tackles me.  We tangle.  Then piss/
shit/eggs rush out in hot silver rivers.

STELLA BRICE’s poems have appeared in journals & anthologies including Chaos Dive Reunion, Word Riot, Right Hand Pointing, Gingerbread House, The Weight of Addition, Women. Period., Improbable Worlds, & No, Achilles. She is a Pushcart & Best of the Net nominee; a winner of the John Z. Bennet Prize; & the author of five collections of poetry, including Urged & Wait ‘til I Get Fatter (both by VAC/Purple Flag Press); & Creatures (INKira Press). For several years, she served as a mentor & literary advisor for the PEN Prison Writing Program.