Bill Neumire




“only the facts,” we said, “you could’ve been a man”

“I think I’m only a window,” he said, “only the articulate wild”

“fought like a man,” we said, “bought like a man”

“I’m broke,” he said, “a bag of debt”

“a real bag of shit,” we said, “a day without balls”

“I don’t even know the rules,” he said, “how to owe”

“mortgage-car-energy-water,” we said, “phone-school-insurance”

“yes,” he said growing smaller, “I was betrayed”

“work harder,” we said, “try spreading your legs”

“I’m sorry,” he said, “I have a diary full of apologies”

“the bank was decorated,” he said, “in big-bulbed Christmas lights”

“you could have had a bigger dick,” we said, “some abs”

“doesn’t work make you,” he said, “lonely”

“don’t be simple,” we said, “don’t be dated”

“I’m sorry,” he said, “I’m just a window”

“overtime,” we said, “will help”

“____,” he said, “it was just I had an idea about the sky”

“there’s no sky,” we said, “newsfeed science just said so”

“_______,” he said, “______.”


BILL NEUMIRE‘s first book, Estrus, was a semi-finalist for the 42 Miles Press Award. His recent work appears or will appear soon in Beloit Poetry Journal, West Branch, Handsome Journal, and Nashville Review. He serves as an assistant editor for Verdad and teaches in Syracuse, New York.


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