Italo Ferrante

francis bacon to peter lacy

oh I love
how a tree bisects our garden
so we can reunite every time
we stumble on the other side
of our legs

                                                    your legs
                                                    a hairy memento mori
                                                    a blessing that foreshortens me
                                                    a sideshow that delays the sight
                                                    of god

the socket of my hips
meets the hollow of your thighs
as we watch the moon
fondle the shut daisies

                                                    your face
                                                    on the mantelpiece reminds me
                                                    to leave breadcrumbs
                                                    in the basement

how I want
to bind your chin with a firm line

ITALO FERRANTE (he/him) is a queer poet who earned a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Warwick. To date, his work has been selected for publication by Poetry Salzburg, Impossible Archetype, Cardiff Review, Sage Cigarettes, Inflections Magazine, Lighthouse, and Orchard Lea Press. Recently, his poem “Ode to Abruzzo” has been shortlisted for the Oxford Brookes’ International Poetry Competition (2022).

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