Susan Barry-Schulz


— a golden shovel after Diane Seuss [All lives have their tropes]  frank: sonnets

On the island of Saaremaa I would have been considered a beautiful bride. No
shame there for size ten feet and thick calves wide thighs and no wonder.
My man-sized hands could stack wood repair nets hold on to everything
required to make do with little which is all there ever was since
as far back as anyone can remember. Has
it occurred to you that I have no right to tell this story? I have reeked
of Cheetos and Entenmanns and assorted American excess since 1972. I do know something of
scarcity though. Sure as I come from a long line of peasantry.
My heirlooms might have been fishing nets, un-dyed linens, ribbon-trimmed skirts and
here I am lost in the suburbs again with nothing to show for it but a high tolerance for pain.

SUSAN BARRY-SCHULZ is a first generation  Estonian-American who grew up just outside of Buffalo, New York. Her work has appeared in New Verse NewsSWWIM, Barrelhouse online,Nightingale & Sparrow, Shooter Literary MagazineThe Wild Word, Bending Genres, Gyroscope Review, Harpy Hybrid Review, West Trestle Review and elsewhere.

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