Tim Rogers



The pull of a powerful diesel heart
greasy and generous as a locomotive
her rails paired with circumstance
Calvary, Golgotha, iron spikes
an immutable line of narrative
one man dies to save the many
to open possibilities the way
the sun enters the court of the sky
the way coal gave way to oil
oil to something more refined
a fluid story that’s been rectified
the power of the apocryphal word
preached by the rich for the poor
who die choking in smoke and dust


TIM ROGERS is an American surviving in the nether regions of North Bohemia where he owns an English-language bookstore and is a founding board member of a non-profit English-language resource and community center. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Bombay Gin, Mudfish, Brooklyn Review, Otoliths, After Hours, Indefinite Space, Molly Bloom and Gingerbread House among other places. He has been anthologized in The Return of Král Majáles.


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