Christopher Crawford




I work with the lights off.
I work with the low moans
of ghosts in the pool.
We need machines to murder ourselves.
I make friends;
they flirt.
It’s all harmless for now.
They leave rags like broken spirits
hanging over steel arms and
backs and benches, steely branches.
My bones are iron beams.
Sometimes people break on me.


CHRISTOPHER CRAWFORD studied English and Creative Writing at Boise State University where he also participated as a panel member for the university’s acclaimed Ahsahta Press. He remains in Boise, Idaho and works at Hewlett Packard to support his addiction to poetry and exploring the Idaho wilderness. Christopher is currently working on a photography project mixing typewriter typography, poetry, and social media. You can find his work on Twitter at @chriscraws, Instagram at @rockymountainpoet, and Tumblr at